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Oscar Wilde, the famous british dandy, author and art critic said : “To disgust people of art, there are two ways. The first one is really simple. Just disgust them of art. For the second one, make them try to love art, rationally.” 


So, we still are used to suffer unuseful social medias’s boring ads. Advertising companies are still able to convince brands that intrusive commercial banners may be good for their sales and development strategy and other stupid and false any cases. 


Do you remember Elvis ‘s song Treat Me Nice ? So, we just have to treat better our users, that’s people we have to consider as if they were like ourselves. 

And, Let’s follow a simple idea. 

Let’s give brands the same humanity as humanity that we are all entitled to expect from anyone. 


At least, our work become radically different. Simply Human. 

Human and able to offer any Brand a real opportunity to enhance its value. 


An Artist, Bernard Pagès said : “A column is a simple element. It’s an invitation to imagine another thing”. 


So, we have to design any project like if they were Gifts to people we could personally know in real Life.

By the way, we have a real chance to purpose an amazing user expérience. 


The best Message must be like a love song, Treat me nice ! 


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A Humanist User Interface Platform For A Humanist User Experience

We Just Have To Design For  Our Users The Same That  We Wanna Get for  Ourselves. 

So, We Always Designed Strategic and  Operational MixMedia Tools and more recently

Digital Tools with This Priority  since 1985.

Kenzo, Adobe, Asics, Chanel, Cartier, Le Monde, LVMH, Kansai, Y'S Yamamoto and others Have been  some of our Partners.

By The Way, We Have collaborated With Prestigious Agencies like Publicis, Havas, Young & Rubicam, Betc, Rscg, Keyrus or Absolut.

Frederic Arvers, Founder-Director Creative Consultant

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